Harvey Lipsitz Company was founded in 1963.  Since its inception, Harvey Lipsitz Company has prided itself in providing personalized customer service.  In 1986 we moved to our current location  at 5621 Butler Street in the Lawrenceville neighborhood in Pittsburgh PA.   


Customer Focused

Harvey Lipsitz Co has been in business for three generations by staying customer focused. We concentrate on what our customers need and go the extra mile to help them achieve their goals. This steadfast commitment has contributed to our longevity and growth. We understand that providing the highest level of customer attentiveness is the key to their success and ours.

We offer tangible benefits through our supplier relationships and internal programs. We work closely with customers to understand their requirements and convey that information to our suppliers. Harvey Lipsitz Co collaborates with suppliers to streamline processes, improve products and lower costs for our customers through our lean manufacturing culture. Our established distribution network ensures timely, reliable delivery.


Responsive Service

We understand that responsive service is critical in meeting the production requirements of our customers. Our staff includes the industry's most knowledgeable sales managers, experienced customer service representatives and skilled technical support teams to address every request. This allows us to maintain consistent, multi-level customer contact.

When customers call, they speak directly with a dedicated representative, not a central corporate office. We believe that cultivating a long term relationship with our clients is a key to mutual success. We keep our communication clear and straightforward from start to finish. Our goal is to develop trust as we know that you are depending on our products and services to conduct your business and sell/store your products. It is our pleasure to do business with you and be a dependable entity within your organization.


Consistent Quality

Harvey Lipsitz Co offers the most consistent quality products available in the packaging industry. Our customers can package their products knowing that the quality of their containers is exactly alike.

Product consistency is a fundamental operating requirement at Harvey Lipsitz Co. We are committed to carrying products that utilize the most current technologies, purchase from suppliers that pursue zero defects during manufacturing, constantly improve our processes and train employees. We adopt the latest solutions to strengthen product reliability and performance.

Our suppliers are the industry pacesetters in meeting and exceeding both regulated and non-regulated manufacturing standards. We are vigilant in the design, engineering and testing of the products we sell to ensure safe containment and transport to our customers and their goods.


Exceptional Value

We deliver exceptional value through our talented people, unsurpassed services, state-of-the-art technologies and engineering processes. We operate efficiently while sustaining the highest levels of product and service performance.

Our company is imaginative in the ways we create value for our customers. We constantly explore new solutions and improvements because innovative packaging creates business opportunities for our customers. We focus on connecting you with the best products to improve your operation and ultimately your organization's bottom line.